Before Your Visit

Q: What all does Bliss Bridal carry?

A:  Bliss Bridal carries bridal gowns, bridesmaids gowns, accessories and tuxedo rentals.

Q:  What brands and designers does Bliss Bridal carry?

A: Each store has its own unique inventory, however, there are some gowns that we love so much that they are in all three! You'll find the designers listed under each store’s page.

Q:  What is the best way to set an appointment?

A:  We suggest calling your desired location and speaking with a stylist about availability. Walk-ins are welcome but preference is given to scheduled visitors. Due to limited space, we highly recommend setting an appointment to guarantee the perfect experience for you and your guests.

Q:  Does the bride need to bring anything specific with her to her bridal appointment?

A:  We welcome any items such as shoes and/or undergarments, etc. to help with the selection process. Also encouraged are any items that may hold sentimental value or are already planned to be used for the special day (i.e. mom’s veil).

Q:  What is the size range of the sample gowns in the store?

A:  Our gowns range from a Bridal 6 to a Bridal 20 in store. We can also order gowns from a Bridal 2 to a Bridal 32 depending on the designer.

Q:  How many guests can the bride bring in her party to the appointment?

A:  There is no limit to the number of guests but to accommodate the appropriate size, please let us know the amount so we can properly schedule rooms for you.  

Q:  How long does it take for a gown to arrive after ordering?

A:  On average, gown delivery can be anywhere from 4 - 6 months. We suggest placing your order as soon as possible to ensure your gown arrives in time.  

Q:  Can a bride buy off-the-rack if the wedding is soon?

A:  We do offer sample sale gowns that can be purchased off-the-rack. In some instances, we are also able to rush order or have a gown delivered in as early as 30 days before a wedding. Please call your local Bliss Bridal as soon as possible to inquire about these options so we an help you to the best of our ability.

Q:  Can a bride shop for accessories in-store if she isn't a Bliss Bride?

A:  Of course! Brides are more than welcome to schedule a time to bring in their gown to try on with accessories too.

Q: What accessories do you have available for purchase?

A: We have beautiful veils, headpieces, jewelry, belts and sashes, jackets and detachable skirts.

Q: If there is a gown I’ve seen that I like, can you get it?

A: We can definitely order gowns we don't have in the store from the designers we carry.

Q: If there is a gown at one of your other shop locations, can I get it at my local store to try it on?

A: Yes, our Bliss Bridal shops can loan gowns to our sister stores. Contact your local shop for details on the process.


Q:  Do you offer in-store alterations?

A:  Yes, all of our locations offer in-store alterations with highly qualified seamstresses specializing in bridalwear.

Q:  Are alterations a separate cost?

A:  Yes, alterations are a separate cost.  Each bride pays only for work that is needed. Standard alterations range from $350 - $550 depending on the gowns complexity and desired changes.

Q:  How long do alterations take?

A:  Typically, alterations may take a 2 - month timeline over the course of 2 - 3 fittings depending on the complexity of work and changes desired.

Q:  Where do the alterations take place?

A:  All alterations are conducted in our boutiques and this helps provide a perfect time to shop for your finishing touches such as jewelry and accessories.

Q:  Do you offer alterations for brides that did not purchase from Bliss Bridal?

A:  Unfortunately alterations are reserved only for our Bliss Brides. Due to limited availability and scheduling, our expert seamstresses work diligently to perfect our in-house gowns.


Q:  Is there a payment plan available?

A:  Yes, we do offer payment plans! Payments for bridal gowns are split in half - 50% to order and 50% when the gown arrives.

Q:  What forms of payment are accepted?

A:  We accept cash and credit cards. Unfortunately, we do not accept checks.

Q:  Are there discounts or benefits for being a Bliss Bride?

A:  Joining the Bliss Bridal family means you receive a $25 gift card towards gown preservation and all bridesmaids will receive $10 off their gown if they choose to order from us.

Q:  How long does an appointment usually last?

A:  Typically an appointment will last an hour and a half

Didn’t see your question answered here? Please email or call your local Bliss Bridal shop for more information.